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Case Studies

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to empower creators to supercharge their content creation and engage learners through collaborative learning experiences.

Our mission is to bring more human connection to digital learning experiences.

  • For learners: Enable collaborative, human-connected online learning experiences

  • For creators: A simple and easy design process to create, publish and measure engaging learning experiences at scale



Explore our case study with UNDP, highlighting how Gamoteca’s innovative learning solutions are enhancing skill development and driving sustainable impact in communities worldwide. UNDP is a global international organisation working to eradicate poverty and reduce inequities through the sustainable development of nations in more than 170  countries and territories. 


Fleet Forum

Fleet Forum uses Gamoteca to train global fleet managers and drivers with simulation-based games. Fleet Forum is a non-profit organisation inspiring better, cleaner, safer and more effective transport around the world.


They do this by bringing together key players in the aid and development and commercial transport sectors and providing them with support with training on the best practices for efficient and effective fleet management.



UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working for children in danger. For years UNICEF has been democratising innovative learning for over 500,000 staff, partners and supporters through its global hub for learning. Agora offers a range of opportunities for its learners to develop their skills and welcomes other partners and the general public. As part of it’s “innovation in learning” strategy, UNICEF is looking for new ways to create and share interactive learning experiences.


El Salvador’s Institute of Professional Training

Playing (and creating) human-connected learning experiences with El Salvador’s Institute of Professional Training. Gamoteca enables social and collaborative learning, allowing the participants to learn in teams, combining a mix of bitesize learning nuggets and peer-to-peer sharing activities.  A Gamoteca experience, titled “El Viaje del Facilitador” (the Facilitator’s Journey) was designed in Spanish as a two-player adventure game



Supporting refugees transition to employment through online coaching with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)  The NRC Jordan team has been partnering with Gamoteca since 2021 when it rapidly created a remote coaching solution through the platform. 

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