Leverage the power of social learning at scale

Game-based learning made easy

Make learning fun, interactive and more human by creating and publishing your own learning game in some easy steps! 


Make learning more immersive with mixed reality interactions that benefit from the strengths of both digital self-guided learning as well as human interactions & feedback.


Add social elements to the learning game allowing for practice-based learning in teams. Situational games and role playing are the best way to learn and practice soft-skills and drive positive behavioural change.

Game-based    learning

Build on narratives to motivate players to accomplish goals, both fictional and real.  Gamification through goals, missions and scores drive collaboration, competition, risk and strategy building.

Peer-to-peer learning

Connect people in peer-to-peer co-learning activities at scale making learning memorable, engaging and fun.

Create your own situational game in some easy steps!

Use Gamoteca to easily create and share fun learning games

  • digitise trainings, especially simulations and team exercises
  • support interactions in realtime and provide feedback
  • easily create situational games and mobile learning
  • build on serious games for simulating real-life scenarios
  • easily design  interactive mobile games without being a tech expert

Get access to a library of games and content that you can immediately use for your trainings, for simulation exercises (security training, fire safety) and soft-skill areas (coaching & mentoring, new staff induction, design thinking)

Get bespoke learning design and best practice support for making the most out of your trainings and courses with Gamoteca.

Dowload the app for Android or iOS and start to play our featured games now! 

Who is it for?

Gamoteca is for anyone who wants to create engaging and lasting learning experience.

  • L&D experts, who rapidly want to develop and deploy highly customised learning games to highly mobile learners
  • subject matter experts, who are looking for a tool that makes it easy to transfer knowledge effectively and use practice-based assessments for a wide range of learners
  • trainers, who want to gamify learning to make it more effective through a user-friendly online game authoring tool
  • creators of serious games, who want to develop mixed-reality games for immersive simulations and scenarios, making them more scalable yet more effective
  • non-expert explorers, who want to experiment with games and learning
  • curious players, who are ready to immerse themselves into a refreshingly new and engaging learning experience

Request your account now to start creating games! It is surprisingly easy and free to use.

Stories with us

Microlearning and game-based learning, a perfect match

Microlearning is a term first used in 2015, and this methodology is aimed to satisfy an increasing market demand to limit course length, and at its simplest form it’s the type of learning that provides short “nuggets” of learning, as opposed to long and content-heavy learning modules.

Click to ‘Read more’ to learn why microlearning matches perfectly with game based learning! 

What people say about us

I’ve been using and piloting the solution offered by Gamoteca in the past few years because I strongly believe in its potential as an innovative and easy-to-use tool to provide new learning experiences.

Elisa Laurino
Learning Specialist, World Food Programme

Gamoteca really makes serious game design creation easy and feasible for professionals working in the capacity building sector who don’t have enough resources or time to invest in new technology.

Alessia Messuti
e-Learning and mobile learning specialist,
The International Training Centre of the ILO