Game-based learning made easy

Make learning fun, interactive and more human by creating and publishing your own learning game in some easy steps! 



Easily create single or multiplayer game-based learning with roles,  engaging media, real world interactions (mixed reality) and game elements (points, branching). Preview  game flow, collaborate with your team in Workspaces.


Publish instant games for players via a link (or learning management system), players are able to invite teammates. Create custom games and organise sessions for teams of learners to join with a game code.



Players can join games on mobile (iOS or Android) or desktop. Receive real time notifications with feedback from other players and facilitators. Play with people in different locations and languages.


Game creators view real time progress, game interactions and provide feedback. Review analytics on learner experience to iteratively improve game design.


New games launched through Kaya

Gamoteca has worked closely with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and shares the vision for democratising innovative learning for all humanitarians through their flagship learning platform Kaya (

Making remote onboarding a fun and human experience

Onboarding is the process by which new employees acquire skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to work in their new organizations, also known as organisational socialisation.

Innovation and localisation in the Middle East

Tech Tribes is an organization based in Jordan, it’s primary objective is equipping youth with the skills and technical know-how needed to compete in the future digital economy.

What we learned from running three (virtual) learning hackathons during Covid

Face-to-face workshops have been the preferred method of delivering training and running participatory workshops at the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). However, the Covid-19 crisis brought NRC to a standstill when it came to helping staff learn, connect and engage. In response to the crisis, the NRC Learning & Development team partnered with Gamoteca.

Learning Hackathons: Co-creating game-based learning locally

The International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO) based in Turin, Italy has a long record of being providers of quality training for their learners, who come from different parts of the world and from diverse backgrounds, from learners within the UN system, to NGO staff and members of government.

Evaluating the effectiveness of game-based learning

Since 2019, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy (Academy) has partnered with Gamoteca to create new game-based learning solutions that incorporate more human-to-human engagement and empathy building within e-learning.

Staying motivated while working from home

Working from home is not new for a number of people, and a lot of people have experienced the joy of not having to commute or having a flexible schedule to balance family life. However with the lock down caused by Covid-19, this might be the first time for many people to work remotely. 

Workspaces, custom events and new game editor launched

We are excited to announce the  launch of new features that will make game-based learning design and publishing easier and more collaborative. 

Tips to become a great coach

Coaching in organizational settings is a powerful tool to develop skills across a wide range of professional fields, it serves to increase confidence, work performance and also to build better communication skills.  Coaching also provides a space for personal...

Microlearning and game-based learning, a perfect match

Technological advancements have made life easier and connected, and they have also had a profound impact on our societal norms, they manifest in elements such as new online identities, language use, and cultural and commercial forms.Learning has been affected by these...

Who is Gamoteca for?

Gamoteca is for anyone who wants to create engaging and lasting learning experience.

  • Learning & Development  (L&D) experts,  experts, who want to develop and publish  highly customised learning games to mobile learners.
  • Subject matter experts,  who are looking for a tool that makes it easy to transfer knowledge effectively and use practice-based assessments for a wide range of learners.
  • Trainers, who want to gamify learning to make it more effective through a user-friendly online game authoring tool.
  • Creators of serious games, who want to develop mixed-reality games for immersive simulations and scenarios, making them more scalable and more effective.
  • Curious players, who are ready to immerse themselves into a refreshingly new and engaging learning experience.

Creating and playing learning games has never been so easy.