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New games launched through Kaya

Updated: May 29

Gamoteca has worked closely with the Humanitarian Leadership Academy and shares the vision for democratising innovative learning for all humanitarians through their flagship learning platform Kaya ( Kaya is a global learning platform with over 230,000 learners, and hosts a number of online learning opportunities for humanitarians, which are free to access. Kaya also hosts a number of Gamoteca game-based learning experiences that have helped to increase collaboration, sharing and human connection through topics like coaching & mentoring, onboarding and gender bias.

Kaya and Gamoteca
Staying Motivated while Working Remotely Game in Kaya

That’s why we have made three new Gamoteca games available for learners to access through Kaya. Learners can access the games directly through Kaya, use their existing login credentials and have their Gamoteca game progress updated on Kaya. The three new games developed by the Gamoteca team are two-player experiences, so get ready to invite a friend or colleague on your learning journey. You can invite your teammate, by simply sharing a game code once you have joined the game.

Access the games through the Kaya links above or download the Gamoteca mobile app available on the App Store or the Google Play store and play directly on your phone. The new games include:

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a powerful methodology that puts the end user and their needs at the core of the design process. It can be used for almost any problem, and it’s especially useful when the path to tackle the issue is unclear.

This two-player game offers a combination of activities and exercises that guides the two players to place the end-user at its centre.

Future of Skills

We know that the skills of today are not those that will be needed in the future. But the future is uncertain, and we do not know what will be needed instead. How can we prepare for a future that we cannot predict?

In this two-player game, we apply the tools of strategic foresight to the future of skills in an attempt to help workers today prepare for the decade ahead. We have created a forecast of the future of skills reaching ten years into the future, to roughly the year 2030.

Staying Motivated while Working Remotely

Working remotely doesn’t mean that your day-to-day work changes, it only changes where you do it from.

Join this game and interact with your colleagues or friends, and make working remotely a more fun and supported experience.


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