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Staying motivated while working from home

Updated: May 29

Working from home is not new for a number of people, and a lot of people have experienced the joy of not having to commute or having a flexible schedule to balance family life. However with the lock down caused by Covid-19, this might be the first time for many people to work remotely.

Working from home Gamoteca

While most people are aware of the benefits that come with being able to work remotely, it is also important to address the negative sides of it. The levels of motivation throughout the day and the week can fluctuate, and we can face many more distractions in our home environment.

Bad habits while working remotely are not uncommon, not building a routine, not taking breaks (or taking too many breaks) and working at odd hours are some of the challenges everyone faces while working from home. It’s especially difficult while practicing physical distancing from others and not being able to interact in real life with your colleagues.

Productivity while working from home

There are many recommendations on how to stay motivated and productive, like maintaining a schedule and getting ready for work even if you’re not leaving home. Another way to keep the motivation going is to have regular check-ins with your colleagues, to exchange ideas iteratively on the projects you’re working on together and if you are not working together on anything, just to have a quick catch up (the way you’d do if you met them while getting a coffee).

That’s why we have created the “Staying Motivated While Working Remotely” game, an interactive way to encourage motivation and keep team engagement up while working from home. This easy game allows you to keep in touch with a colleague or friend, and share exciting projects, as well as challenges throughout the week in a fun and virtual way.

How to play the game?

Sign into your Gamoteca account, using this link and if you don’t have an account yet, register on Gamoteca. You can also do this on the Gamoteca app, which you can download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

The best part is that you can easily modify this game and make it fit to the needs of your company.


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