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The importance of customer service interactions

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Customers play a major role in the success of a business and its revenue stream. Customer’s needs keep your businesses thriving and growing. That is why business goals should go above attracting new customers, they should also be to retain customers and convert them to loyal brand ambassadors. A great strategy to do that is by providing amazing customer service.

Customer service is the service you provide to your customers before, during and after making a purchase. Today, companies are expected to offer support seven days a week through multiple channels.

Excellent customer service optimises relationships with your consumers. Satisfied customers not only buy more, they also recommend your service to others.

We are living in the age of experiences, and customers not only value products or services; they also want to feel good about the experience when interacting with the company. The modern consumer is well informed, has evolved in their buying habits and is not afraid of migrating to the competition if they consider that the buying experience is subpar.

Word of mouth referrals are a powerful tool that can help you establish a good business. Satisfied customers always talk about their positive experience in a particular store or service provider, which can in turn lead to an increase in sales.

Advances in technology have made it easier for organizations to improve or maintain good customer service. Email, online surveys, social media, and the phone calls are used to provide customers a good experience and support before, during, and after a purchase.

How to improve your customer support service?

Provide different channels of communication

A key step is to provide different channels for customers to contact you. The objective is to provide an experience where the customer can contact and receive attention through the channel of their choice and at any time.

If you have not considered it, it might be a good idea to invest in technology solutions that are integrated directly into your product, website or social platforms and can guarantee efficient and satisfying interactions.

Train your team to provide memorable and authentic human interactions

Customer service is key to providing a positive experience for the customer. In order to provide this great customer service, the team needs to know what are the best practices to do it and if they are doing it right. For example, how to build customer rapport in an authentic way.

Customer Service in Practice game

Gamoteca’s latest learning experience allows users to put in practice their customer interaction skills. The one-player game allows the users to learn some easy tips on building authentic rapport, dealing with difficult situations and using preemptive acknowledgement techniques before practicing the conversations and self-assessing their responses.

Play the game

To try the game, simply download the Gamoteca app, available for iOS and Android and play the game using this link or use the Browse tab on the app to navigate to our featured games.

After downloading the app and signing up for a Gamoteca account, you will find the Onboarding game under Featured Games.

Create your own customer service game

You can adapt the game to meet your company’s training needs, and even design the game as a two-player interactive experience to encourage peer-to-peer learning. To adapt or design your own game try the Gamoteca Creator. Sign up for a free game creator account here.


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