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Fleet Forum uses Gamoteca to train global fleet managers and drivers with simulation-based games

Fleet Forum is a non-profit organisation inspiring better, cleaner, safer and more effective transport around the world. They do this by bringing together key players in the aid and development and commercial transport sectors and providing them with support with training on the best practices for efficient and effective fleet management.


Fleet Forum has experience in delivering training on fleet management across the world and it was in this context that they developed two board games for increasing participant engagement and collaboration during their face-to-face workshops.

 Originally an offline board game, Driving Force explores the importance of road safety and driver-manager interactions that can lead to or prevent road traffic crashes, thereby leading to a company's success.

In the wake of the pandemic, Fleet Forum initially tried to play the board games over Zoom, e.g. with participants giving instructions to the facilitator to make a move, but this was challenging to facilitate and create the same game dynamics for the players. They realised the need for a virtually-friendly version of that could be played without diluting the messaging of the game. 



This is where Gamoteca came in. Having helped global organisations create online game-based learning experiences, Gamoteca worked with Fleet Forum to create a blended learning pathway — balancing the 'fun' of playing a game, yet instilling the essential learnings. 


As with various methodology transformations, the process was not just about migrating to a digital format but reimagining the learning experience. To start, Gamoteca organised virtual design thinking workshops to better understand the end users of the learning experience and what it was that they needed to learn. 

Once the initial storyboard was created, the second step was to rapidly develop a prototype on the Gamoteca platform to test with the initial users. At this stage, some of the issues were highlighted and allowed us the opportunities to make the game better. 

​“When we started, we thought we could just copy the existing games, but we learned that we had to re-design the games to achieve the same learning outcomes. It was a great help to do this with Gamoteca, as they asked the right questions, gave us new ideas, and used their expertise with virtual games."

- Rose van Steijn, Development Director, Fleet Forum


Fleet Forum introduced two new Gamoteca learning experiences —

  1. Urgent Mission, where learners took on the role of a fleet manager in an emergency context. They had to make decisions of how to manage resources while ensuring the safety of their team and providing help.

  2. Driving Force, where learners took on the role of a driver or a fleet manager and had to complete tasks responsibly. 
    (This was adapted from the Driving Force board game)


Within the first year, Fleet Forum’s games were deployed to over 250 learners on the Gamoteca platform. Learners joined facilitated sessions for the games and actively engaged with each other, learning from each other’s experiences and practicing their skills — 

which are usually lost in traditional e-learning settings.


The games successfully achieved the following learning objectives—

  • Making quick decisions in difficult scenarios 

  • Helping drivers and fleet managers understand the importance of road safety

  • Learning from others like themselves, not just a computer.

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