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Fleet Forum

is a non-profit organisation inspiring better, cleaner, safer and more effective transport around the world. They do this by bringing together key players in the aid and development and commercial transport sectors and providing them with support with training on the best practices for efficient and effective fleet management.

Fleet Forum and Gamoteca worked together to create a custom fully online learning game to fit their training needs 







Scenario-based learning, role playing, serious games 


Driving Force is a game that highlights the importance of road safety to a company’s  success, it explores driver-manager interactions that can lead to or prevent road traffic crashes. Fleet Forum initially tried to use the board games over Zoom, e.g. with participants giving instructions to the facilitator to make a move, but this was challenging to facilitate and create the same game dynamics for the players.Sometimes board game mechanics don’t translate well to digital formats.

Fleet Forum has experience in delivering training on fleet management across the world and it was in this context that they developed two board games for increasing participant engagement and collaboration during their face-to-face workshops.



Fleet Forum’s training team met with the Gamoteca team and held virtual design thinking workshops. In each workshop they brainstormed various aspects to better understand who were the end users of the learning game and what it was that they needed to learn. 


Once a first storyboard was created, the second step was to rapidly develop a prototype on Gamoteca that maintained the learning objectives while keeping the game fun and engaging and. Once the prototype was finished we played with the team, it’s only after playing this initial version that many of the issues or opportunities to make the game better become clear. 


Fleet Forum introduced the new Gamoteca games as a pilot during one of their training programmes being run online due to Covid-19. These sessions provided invaluable feedback, to make iterative improvements to the game design.


The learning experiences have been used with over XX users across XX countries, the adaptation of the learning experience proved to be a success, and it has been used for online training. 

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