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Introducing TECAs for learning: Technology Enhanced Collaborative Activities

Updated: May 29

Gamoteca has been advocating for more human connection and collaboration in digital learning. We started our journey a few years ago by researching serious games to enhance learning outcomes. However, we no longer feel that “learning games” accurately describes what we do today. We have decided to propose the acronym, TECA (Technology Enhanced Collaborative Activity). It also helps that it is also part of the GamoTECA name!

Our hope is that this new label (and approach) redefines how we approach e-learning, promising a more human and interactive way of learning .

Why is it no longer a game?

We are still happy for our users to use the word ‘game’ interchangeably with TECA, but over the years of building Gamoteca we’ve learned that the interactive learning experiences we create are so much more than a game. There are still opportunities for leveraging game dynamics of competition, strategy, risk, etc. However, we feel that our value lies more in dynamics of collaboration, storytelling, co-creation, practice and feedback that can be scaled and enhanced through technology.

Technology Enhanced Collaborative Activities (TECAs) can help companies create learning experiences that go beyond the solitary, self-guided content experiences learners have come to associate eLearning . They can contribute to the TECA in real time, benefiting from the years of collective experience that exists among their peers, mentors, coaches and experts from their professional and personal circles.

TECAs can still be fun, engaging and even competitive, but everyone can win if everyone can learn from each other.

Key Features of TECAs:

1. Content is not king: TECAs transports learners quickly through interactive learning levels allowing for easy interaction between learners and facilitators. By allowing learners to learn alongside each other, the focus of the experience can be less on the content, leaving more time for collaboration, practice and feedback. Content can be pre-created, user-generated in real time or even AI-generated. .

2. Collaboration & feedback is key: Gone are the days of solitary e-learning experiences. TECAs emphasise teamwork and cooperation, encouraging learners to practise, share and receive feedback, thus helping to build mastery . While collaboration is at the core and can happen in real time, the best part of TECAs is the ability for learners to slow down, reflect and asynchronously participate wherever they are in the world.

3. True blended pedagogy: Instead of trying to glue content and collaboration experiences together, TECAs aim to integrate collaboration more naturally into the learning flow, and thus closer to the flow of work. You could complete the same “Practising Interview Skills” TECA with two different partners, and achieve very different results due to the unique human feedback received.

4. Breaking barriers: TECAs support a wide range of devices, ensuring accessibility for a diverse audience with options to access the platform in multiple languages. Our vision is for learning to break down human connection barriers, including language and geography, making it possible to learn from all possible humans.

5. Personalised Progression: Each player's journey is unique, with TECAs employing options to interact using user generated content including video responses, photo upload, multiple choice or written text. TECAs can be tailored to the experience based on individual preferences of the creator or learner. This personalised approach ensures that every learner feels a deep sense of human connection while completing the TECA.

The Future of Learning is in TECA

TECAs is not merely a label; it aims to create a mindset shift in the e-learning industry. By incorporating Technology Enhanced Collaborative Activities, Gamoteca is hoping to advocate for a new and more human way of learning. Learners can expect a level of immersion, collaboration, and personalisation that was once thought to be only possible through in-person activities.

To make it easier for you to get started with TECAs on Gamoteca, we have created a number of templates to get you started that you can access as a TECA-creator. The templates allow for a number of collaborative experience variations, including allowing learners to progress to the next level with or without peer feedback. Sign up here for a free Creator account and get started with TECAs!


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