Gamoteca mobile app

Learning doesn’t have to happen only in a classroom or in front of a computer. A user-friendly mobile app, allows players to take the learning game anywhere and contribute with user-generated content anytime.

Roles and scenarios

Create and build empathy with role playing games which allow the user to experience being in the shoes of another person. Gamoteca creates games with multiple interactive roles.

Peer-to-peer learning

Players  learn together in teams, they exchange ideas, co-create solutions and problem-solve in a safe environment.

Game templates

Creating games has never been more simple!

Gamoteca provides a number of out-of-the-box game templates so game creators have the option of adapting  game mechanics of existing game templates.

Publish learning events and view real time progress

Are you using your game in a training environment?

Gamoteca allows you to manage the learning event (create a code to join, pair players, and start the game at a specific point in time) and view the players’ progress in real time.


Gamoteca allows you to view real time game analytics, and iteratively improve game design based on learner experiences.


If you’re in a team and want to collaborate on game creation, Gamoteca Workspaces is the answer. Create, share and play games with your team.


Gamoteca Game Creator

The Game Creator is the easiest way to create a learning game. Design micro-learning experiences with rich media in which players are able to interact and learn from each other in a fun way.

Test games

With a real time simulator, Gamoteca allows you to test your games before publishing them. The simple user interface allows the game creator to see what the players will see and how they’ll interact with the game.

Coming soon:

  • Pro version: for teams to collaborate

  • VR/AR: Integrate VR/AR content easily

  • Localisation: For interface and content

  • Time: Scheduled and countdown tasks

  • AI capabilities: Realtime translation, image & pattern recognition, predictive response