Create engaging game-flows

Easily create, launch and manage learning games, including

  • Bite size learning nuggets (video, quizzes, 360/VR content),
  • Real-life collaborative team tasks (capture photos, videos, make choices),
  • User-generated content shared between players and facilitators,
  • Expert feedback.

Create custom game logic tailored to your training needs

  • Mixed reality game design
  • Multiplayer and single-player game designs
  • Peer-to-peer interactions
  • Inter-role dependencies
  • Conditional flow depending on peer, facilitator or computer feedback
  • Time phasing and delays
  • Include real-world tasks in the game flow
  • Individual and team scores

Collaborate via Workspaces

  • Manage teams within Gamoteca and collaboratively create, organise and play games
  • Add team members so that they have access to the learning games on that workspace
  • Create custom game sessions by inviting players to a workspace


Re-use existing learning game designs

Access, edit and deploy games created easily  from free templates. 

Insert advanced media for immersive experience

  • VR/ 360 image & video
  • Media asset library
  • Include own media
  • Store your assets in the cloud

Test your game design

Test games in a simulator before deploying to learners

Manage learning events

  • Easily schedule learning events for games
  • Deploy games instantly to your learners (push)
  • Invite players via a unique join link (pull)
  • Auto-create teams
  • Integrate games into learning pathways/curricula on your LMS
  • Create custom events and join with a game code directly on the mobile app 
  • Group users in teams, choose their roles and select a time to start the game session 

advanced gameplay

Invite players to download the free Gamoteca mobile app for Android or iOS to play your games in teams or individually and send requests to trainers to facilitate them.

  • Get real-time notifications
  • Get feedback from peers and facilitators
  • Upload reflective feedback directly from your phone (photos, video, text)
  • Allow mixed-reality play
  • Support gameplay with teams in different locations, in different languages and time zones
  • Bring your own device – desktop and mobile access (iOS and Android) for players

Monitor real-time progress and provide feedback

  • Real-time tracking of learner progress
  • Real-time monitoring of teams
  • Real-time feedback from facilitator dashboard
  • Analytics on game play

Deploy gamification in many thematic areas

  • Be an effective group member, improve team dynamics
  • Design projects, programmes
  • Crisis planning, security exercises, fire safety (VR)
  • Scenario based practice
  • Behavioural change / soft skills / coaching and mentoring / bias training
  • Induction/ integration / adaptation
  • Social learning / group-based activities / team-building

Features on the way

  • Advances in game design logic
  • Integration of AR & AI chatbots
  • Location-based tasks and map monitoring for remote play
  • xAPI integration with LMS platforms
  • Advanced game play analytics and evaluations