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Masterclass on creating engaging, human-connected learning experiences on Gamoteca

8 September 2022 at 9am New York / 2pm London 

This webinar will show you how to:

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Pre-webinar recommendations:

Download the Gamoteca app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store


Sign up or Register as a Creator (you can use the player login details).

Make sure to register for the webinar below (we will be limiting the number of spaces to make it more interactive)

5 Reasons to Join the Masterclass

Not quite sure if you’re the ideal audience of next week’s Gamoteca masterclass? Whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur, working for a large company, or part of a global international organisation. Anyone who wants to learn more about learning will gain insights into the Gamoteca platform and ways to leverage it for your classrooms, companies, and clients. Here are 5 good reasons to join:


You’re an aspiring time traveller


Of all the things the Harry Potter series may have made us wish were real, I’d say Hermonie’s time turner is possibly the most envious of all. We are giving you the chance to see how the Gamoteca platform can help participants get back time by creating asynchronous learning experiences allowing humans in multiple time zones, bandwidths, or sometimes just busy schedules to complete learning experiences and retain more information.


More humans, less bots


While Elon Musk continues to fight the bots, Gamoteca is at the forefront of keeping learning human. In the masterclass you’ll get to see how human-to-human learning makes for a more enjoyable experience. 


Singing the cheap and cheerful tune 


Talking about time machines and bots can immediately impale a person with fear of expensive platforms. If you’re inspired by Gamoteca but worried about paying for the sun, moon and the stars, , have no fear. We’ll talk you through the free version and the benefits you get with the affordable Pro version. 


You feel a brain storm coming 


You’ve had a crazy, wonderful, incredible idea for a game-based learning experience, but have no idea if the brainstorm in your head can translate to an interactive learning experience in your hand. The best way to find out is ask - so make sure you get your spot, these sessions are small and sure to fill up!

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