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Gamoteca has a highly diverse team with rich experience in developing innovative educational technology and services.
Our approach leverages not just learning technology, but new tools and methodologies to solve problems in user-centric and creative ways.
We endeavour to enable others to create and share their own human-connected, game-based experiences

We recognise that companies may lack the initial capacity to design and implement new learning experiences. We will provide consulting and technical support on how to best adapt existing content. As with various medium transformations, the process is not just about migrating content to a new format but reimagining the learning experience, leveraging and pushing the boundaries of what Gamoteca has to offer.

We have worked with partners to provide:

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Custom Game Creation Support

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Define the audience, problem, learning objectives

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Create a multi-role storyboard with
game elements

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Design a custom experience on the Gamoteca creator platform

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Deploy the learning experience at scale through a Learning Management System (LMS)

Creating a learning experience that achieves its learning objectives, while making it interactive and fun is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have inhouse experience with designing human-connected, game-based learning experiences. 

Gamoteca’s learning design experts can help your organisation define objectives and create an experience that fits your organisation’s needs. The game creation support  gives you time with learning experts to:

Define the learning objectives and specific audience


Create a multi-role storyboard with game elements


Add media (illustrations, animations, video, 360/VR)  if necessary


Deploy the game at scale  for a large number of players via instant sessions on a Learning Management System (LMS) or via facilitated custom sessions


Design a custom game in the Gamoteca game creator engine


Test the game


Single sign-on and LTI/xAPI integrations for sending game completion information back to your LMS


Throughout the process, we are keen to build capacity within your team to create, publish and adapt games.


The costs of the game creation vary according to length and complexity of the game, and is calculated at per day consultancy rates. As an example, an interactive game with two roles and 15 interactions (approximately 1 hour of game play) would take about 10-15 days of consulting time.

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Learning Hackathons

Hackathons should not be reserved for coders and technology specialists. The main objectives of a learning hackathon are:


Learning about game-based learning –  Participants are introduced to the basics of gamification, serious games, design thinking and the Gamoteca game creation engine and player


Co-creation using design thinking – Participants are given the opportunity to apply design thinking practices, collaborate with each other and rapidly co-create new game-based learning experiences


The process is accelerated, and through co-creation teams produce a game-based learning solution at the end of the hackathon, usually three days.

Wondering how to rapidly move your learning towards a more digital, yet interactive format? Have an idea for how to encourage human connectedness in the workplace (especially times of isolation)? Want to develop a game to combat the impact of your organisation on the environment through green behaviours at the workplace? Hackathons are the right place to start.


Gamoteca’s experts can develop a virtual learning hackathon of (9 hours spread over 3×3 hour sessions) or an in-person workshop (3-5 days) in which participants get to explore their own learning design problems and try to solve them with innovative solutions, including game-based learning

Adaptation to specific organisation and training needs

Facilitation throughout in a
face-to-face  or completely virtual setting

Expert e-learning and game based learning facilitation

Access for all participants to the Gamoteca game creator

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