About us

We connect people in peer-to-peer co-learning transforming these situations into a memorable and engaging experience.

Opening up our platform aims the democratization of quality learning enabling anyone to benefit from digital technology in everyday teaching.

We are building a sustainable service aiming to create a positive social impact.

Our Story

Gamoteca was launched in 2016 with the main aim of leveraging mobile devices to simulate real-life environments for accessible and locally customisable learning games.

Developed in coordination with the United Nations and several international organisations, it was originally implemented for humanitarians to respond effectively to the increasingly complex needs of disasters through the creation of ‘serious games’ such as crisis response training and security simulation exercises.



We believe that human jobs require more and more soft skills while learning for factual knowledge becomes less important. Only an immersive and experience based learning methodology can be really effective in developing and maintaining these skills.

Pre-industrial learning models were based on learner-mentor relationship. Their main characteristics laid in personalized, practice based, storytelling approach that built on personal relationship between learner and teacher (master). Peer-to-peer tasks in learning groups also taught students how to collaborate and do teamwork with others.

Our mission is to bring this human centred approach back to the digital age and move forward from classic e-learning approaches that build on the tradition of frontal education towards a more personal and social learning experience.

We believe that an immersive, contextualized and social learning approach prepares you better for a joyful and productive working life that is rich in personal connectedness.

We want to make this way of learning available for as many people as possible and foster the democratization of quality and engaging learning.

We value human to human learning as extremely important because we are convinced that real social changes can only be reached by connecting people and sharing experiences.

The Founder

Atish Gonsalves is a social technologist, entrepreneur and the Founder of Gamoteca.

With a background in software engineering, AI and human-computer interaction, Atish’s experience includes leadership roles at technology and international non-profit organisations including the United Nations. Atish has consistently implemented successful edtech solutions that have helped democratise learning for thousands of learners in difficult contexts.

Atish is a global citizen, having lived in six countries and is a regular speaker at conferences and events on the role of technology-enhanced learning.