The Learning SHIFT (Scaling up Humanitarian knowledge Integrating Fun and Technology) was conducted on March 28-30 2017 at the First Pacific Leadership Academy, Antipolo. In partnership with the ITCILO, the workshop provided the space to shift learning in the humanitarian sector into a more engaging, fun and effective experience. The workshop brought together 27 humanitarian, learning, government organisations, institutions and innovation labs to learn about gamification and how it can be used as a learning tool in their own work.

The main question underlying the purpose of the workshop has focused on how it is possible to combine the knowledge on the ground with the best of technology to save lives. Gamification can provide a suitable answer to this question, as it is an advantageous strategy that can help increase knowledge and skills application when it comes to humanitarian response. 

Through gamification steps of empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, testing, six games were developed on platform by workshops participants using game elements such as scoring, images, videos, story, roles and others. Participants were then able to play each others’ games on mobile app.

‘I will share [the training] to my colleagues and I will try my best to have them appreciate this method as much as I have appreciated it…It opened me to a more diverse concept of innovation- that it is not just turning old ways to new but making it more interactive, more enjoyable… as it makes [the lives of trainers] much easier.’ – a workshop participant


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