Our History

Gamoteca (formerly Mobilize.Life) is an application framework, authoring tool and mobile app. It was launched in 2016 with the main aim of leveraging mobile devices to simulate real-life environments for accessible and locally customisable learning games.

Developed in coordination with the United Nations and several international organisations, it was originally implemented for humanitarians to respond effectively to the increasingly complex needs of disasters through the creation of ‘serious games’ such as crisis response training and security simulation exercises.

However, Gamoteca has been used in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from humanitarian training to games on greening and sustainability for positive behavioural change, team building events and peer-to-peer learning.


Gamoteca builds upon gamification, i.e. the application of game elements for learning. Numerous pedagogical and cognitive science studies have shown that when we play games we are more likely to be actively engaged and innovative when facing challenges.

Gamoteca allows trainers to gamify learning to make it more effective through a user-friendly online game authoring tool. It also leverages the availability smart mobile devices, which players use to access and play the games, and aims to incorporate existing and emerging low-cost technologies.

Gamoteca’s main strength is that the framework has been built from the ground up by listening to real trainers and their need to create true blended learning. Its user-friendly design allows for rapid development and deployment of highly customised games by non-technical trainers.

The project therefore aims to make engaged learning more accessible and more customizable to local needs. In addition, the mixed-reality nature of the games built with Gamoteca allows for immersive simulations  and scenarios, making them more scalable yet more effective. The tool also provides a sharing mechanism through a Learning Marketplace for members to share games created and best practices.

Our Mission

Gamoteca aims to make learning technology more inclusive through the promotion of peer-to-peer learning and user-centred learning design.